About Chef Feroz

Chef Feroz Khan is a great carver and having exceptional talent in carving. He has proven his talent through his many outstanding carving design, carving display/setups, workshops and competition.

Chef Feroz is a carver who created many designs using fruit and vegetable, soap and ice. It was during his job at Taj Hotel, Mumbai he met the traditional art of carving fruit and vegetables. Then he has concentrated more on his work, carving on all types of fruits and vegetables, ice and soap. He hence pursued full time degree course at Mumbai, Rizvi Hotel Management College of culinary, bakery and confectionary. He went on become a top student of his class.

Over the years Chef Feroz had made spectacular carving decorations for special occasion, private parties, weddings, christenings, anniversaries and taught courses in Mumbai, Pune, Gujrat and many other cities in India. Chef Feroz teach in almost all colleges of hotel management in Mumbai, many IHM college throughout India, In many home science colleges, in Indian Navy INS Hamla Mumbai, and in many food related companies and take special workshop for kids and ladies. With constant practice and hard work, he has tried to develop different technique to teach his work.

In the coming years Chef Feroz made various fruit and vegetable carving Display/setup based different Halloween themes. He also made carving setup with a blend of Indian traditional designs blended with fruit, vegetable and ice.