Thai Carving Knife With 3 Blades

  • Designed For Fruit And Veg Carving, Three Knife Types Are Available To Engrave A Variety Of Complex Patterns. (Length 6.5 Inches).
  • Set Consists Of 3 Shape Of Knives - Classical Bird’s Beak, Straight And Curve Blade.
  • Preferred By Many Carvers Around The World.
  • These Knives Are Light Weight Ideal For Long Hours Of Intricate Carving Work.
  • The Unique Blades Are Strong, Flexible, And Sharp, They Cut With Precision.
  • The Blade Is Made Of High-Elastic Stainless Steel, Which Is Sharp And Durable. It Has Good Bending Performance And Excellent Elasticity. It Can Be Bent To Engrave Beautiful Lines And Patterns.
  • Carving With These Knives Feels Balanced And Comfortable And Blade Holds Their Sharp Edge Through Hours Of Use
  • A Unique Tool Help In Creating Very Complicated Or Detailed Thai-Style Fruit And Vegetable Carvings.
  • The Knife, When Not Maintained Well, Can Get Rusted. Please Wipe The Blade Completely And Apply A Thin Film Of Oil To Prevent From Rusting.
  • Very Important Versatile Tools For Chefs And Culinary Students To Display Skills On Fruit, Vegetable And Soap Carving.
  • It Is The Ideal Tool For Professional Or Kitchen Enthusiasts For Intensive And Precision Work.
  • Package Weight 200 Gram (Approx) – New Brand And Best Quality.

₹ 2250 ₹ 3000